The dog, our co-worker!

The only good way to take care of a dog is to establish a win-win relationship with him..

It takes time. The relationship (like any relationship between humans) deserves to be nurtured in order to develop harmoniously. You wouldn’t leave a child alone, left to fend for himself, every day, would you?

Your dog has the same needs. He must occupy his mind, grow, develop his intelligence, store up new experiences.

I suggest your dog be kept stimulated during your absences.

The dog will work for you if he sees something in it for him.

le chien collabore

Understand how your dog “thinks”.

To make a dog “obey” by coercion and without appealing to his instinct will not give good results.The dog ends up obeying out of fear and his emotional state will deteriorate. It is therefore important to adhere to the win-win philosophy. Ideally, your dog’s mother taught him the rules for dog-to-dog communication. However, your dog must now live in man’s world. So he defers to you. But your job does not always allow you to devote a lot of time to him. The moments you spend with him are limited to walks, games, hugs. When does your dog think? When do problems arise?

Berger blanc suisse

The dog really needs to work.

It is essential for your dog to keep his brain busy. Even if he is not destructive and seems accustomed to being alone, it is not in his DNA to wait alone doing nothing. If your job regularly takes you out of the house and no one really looks after your little companion (except for feeding and taking him out), then you’re not offering him the best.

It’s time to offer him something else: fun and cognitive activities, training him to sniff out, games of go-fetch, puzzles, etc. All these occupations have the merit of developing his intelligence, of occupying and structuring his time but also of educating him by decidedly positive means.

A dog learns by playing.

I’ll take care of your dog, I’ll train it, I’ll develop his intelligence, I’ll structure his time.Renseignez-vous.