Dog Behaviorist & Dog Training Advisor

chiot en apprentissage

A teacher for your dog

Are you filming? On tour? In a meeting?

Entrust your dog to me. He needs to keep busy, to learn, to discover, to work …

The dog and the child ...

Made for one other?


To tell the truth, the dog does not see the child as a “real” human, especially if he crawls on all fours. As for the child, he sees the dog as his confidant, his stuffed toy, but he does not know dog language.It is essential to educate the dog as much as the child. Let me handle it.


berger suisse sur un banc


we don’t train a dog, a dog will work with you , if there is something in it for him. Accepting this philosophy is open up to a new world, to an infinitely richer relationship with your companion.
Don’t let him get bored anymore.

Does your job keep you away from your dog? I’ll take over and help develop his cognitive faculties.

A working dog is a happy dog

Offer him a teacher. 😉

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